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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fall is here!

We had to knit indoors this week since the fall air was a little too damp and nippy to sit out on the deck. Elaine and Liz were working on shawls for our next donation. We are looking to donate scarves for both men and women and some shawls to a local chemotherapy center. I'm still on the search to find one that will accept them.
Karen picked up an afghan that's been in hiding for eight years! I know that sometimes we put things away because of boredom or frustration, so I sympathize with you Karen.
Kathleen started a triangular shawl too. We're hoping to use up some of our stash to make room in my house for more yarn. LOL!

I finished this Lazy Day Shawl and now it needs a good blocking to open up the stitches. I used a beautiful handpainted merino wool from Peru called Chirapa from the Mirasol company. I bought it at WEBS ( ) I had a weak moment and couldn't resist it. The pattern is offered for free on Ravelry or on Mary Keenan's website. She designed this lovely little shawl and it was a quick knit, taking me only eleven days to knit.

This will be donated with our other shawls and scarves.
At our evening session Maureen and I sampled a drink that my son created and felt like we were at the seashore. It was refreshing and slightly sweet. But we had to concentrate on our knitting so we didn't have much. Maureen liked her chullo cap so much she decided to make one for her daughter and I'm working on another shawl to add to our inventory.
Last weekend I went to Connecticut to visit my family and we took a ride to Westport and found a cute little yarn store called "Knitting Central" on the Post Road East. My sister bought three skeins of Mini Mochi from Crystal Palace Yarns so I could make her a Christmas present. The pattern, also free, is the Bird's Nest Smoke Ring from .

The pattern is easy but requires really paying attention. And you can never start Christmas gifts too early!

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