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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Beautiful Day!

The sun was shining brightly as Elaine and I delivered the ponchos and hats and mittens to St. Margaret's Center today. We were met by Mary Grace Pietracola, a lovely woman with a clearly loving, generous soul. She was as excited as a child on Christmas morning as she sorted through the various items.
Our logo tags are attached to all items we make and on the back of the tag we include this prayer:
May the Light of God surround you,
The Love of God enfold you,
The Power of God protect you,
And the Presence of God watch over you.
As Mary Grace read this aloud, Elaine and I felt it's meaning so much more than ever before.

We took a tour of the day room and two of the residents offered to model a poncho for photos. Nurse Angela helped Maria Loomis with her new "Loretta Lynn Poncho".

Nicholas Rothbort, another resident, was excited to try out the Pittsburgh Steelers poncho. He is from Pennsylvania and he giggled with delight when he saw the bright yellow fleece that Barbara made with her sewing skills.
Elaine and I came away with a renewed sense of fulfillment that God worked through the hands of The Chicks once again. We knew we were doing something good with the gifts God gave us. And it warmed our hearts to see the dedicated staff at work at the center. God bless all of you.
And God bless you Chicks for all your time and efforts on making this wonderful donation. I'm so grateful to have you as my friends!

On another note, I finished my baby alpaca stole from the half price, sidewalk sale yarn from Manchester, VT. Of the 675 yards, I used all but 2 yards to make this cable and lace stole.
The finished, blocked size measures 17 inches by 72 inches.
Just the right size to wrap cozily around my shoulders.
I'm not wishing for cold weather to come too soon, but I'll be prepared when it does.

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