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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Chicks have a visitor and Lunch with the ladies

We had a pleasant surprise visit from Kathleen's daughter, Pat, this week. Pat lives downstate NY and is a VERY talented knitter. She is an artist as well, so she has some beautiful design ideas and color combinations. Pat is on the far right sipping her tea. We all need a beverage break now and then.
This is the sweater vest Pat is working on. Aren't the colors fabulous?! It just blew me away! She kept insisting how easy it was to knit since she uses only two colors per row. But I don't know..... it looks pretty hard to me.Elaine and Karen were discussing Karen's progress on knitting with double pointed needles. She's the "Crochet Queen" you know, and she dove right into the deep end of the pool when she picked up knitting again after a long hiatus.
On Wednesday, Oct. 1, the Chicks had the first of what we hope will be many more field trips. We had a wonderful lunch at the Italian-American Community Center in Albany.
Mmm-mmm-good is all I can say.
From left to right sitting: Liz, Elaine, Karen, Kathleen
Back row standing: Jody, Maureen

Only Kathleen, Liz, and Elaine could continue the field trip where we visited Trumpet Hill Yarn Shop to say hello to Robena. We had a lovely visit and touched and sniffed all the beautiful yarns. We didn't buy anything that day, but Elaine and I have a pattern on order and we'll get the yarn when the pattern is delivered.

I can't wait for our next field trip. Hmmm....where shall we go?

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