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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Have you ever seen a Moose at a wedding?

Last Friday my grandson, Moose, was one of two ringbearers at his cousin Melanie's wedding in New Jersey. He was all dressed up and ready to roll when I took this photo while we waited for the bride to arrive.

Cousin Wade was the perfect gentleman and a great role model for his baby cousin. Although as soon as Moose arrived at the altar, he threw down the pillow and raced back down the aisle. It's a good thing I was sitting close enough to run interference!
Melanie's beautiful gown was redesigned by my talented daughter, Moose's mom.Everyone had a wonderful time and even Baby Phil had a chance to dance with the beautiful bride!

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Stephanie said...

Moose looks so cute. It reminds me of my daughter's wedding where the ring bearer was my 7 yr. old grandson and his co-ring bearers were a 2 yr. old and a golden retriever. He was to hold onto both of them. Rehearsal was fine! The ceremony not! The dog went one way, the baby went another and my grandson tried to keep hold of both!

I'm going to pass on the tag game even though it looks like fun. Most of the blogs I read are people I don't know personally, so I couldn't really tag them. Thanks anyway.