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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Relaxing before the holidays

Barbara arrived in her most festive Christmas finery and got straight to work on her top down cardigan. She has about 20 something more rows to knit on the body and then she can knit the sleeves in the round so there will be no finish sewing except for the buttons.
Cinzia brought us a finished baby hat and the scarf I showed you last week. It's nice and wide to protect against the winter chill.
My husband joined us for a bit and Debbie had to give her injured hand a rest but she joined us without her knitting.
Last week I told you about the baby hood I had trouble getting started. Well, as you can see, I am on a roll! I just can't stop myself. It's such a quick knit that if I do nothing else, I can knit one in a day. But since I have to eat and sleep, it takes me two days. Don't hate me! ;) These are all machine washable and dryable too!
I found one of my daughter's baby dolls to try the hat for size and it's adorable! I wish I had a real little one to model it for me.
Last night I cast on for my sixth one with another machine washable yarn I found in the stash.
Carole showed us her lovely headband she is making for her daughter. She is using Cascade 220 and is getting beautiful stitch definition.
Maureen's ball of yarn is getting smaller and the blanket is getting bigger.
And Carole made it to the bottom of the raglan lines. The stitches for the sleeves are on the holders so she can proceed with the body of the sweater.
Beth's Barley Hat is further along this week.
And she showed us the scarf she is knitting for a niece using the colors of the Green Bay Packers, of whom she is a fan.
I don't have any Christmas knitting to catch up on so I can relax and glide into the holidays without the stress of worrying if I'll make the deadline. But if any of you out there are knitting gifts I hope you get to finish in time. Wishing you all a warm and wonderful holiday season!

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