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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Duck, Chick, Mouse

Freddie the Field Mouse came to visit today. Debbie made him for our current donation project to  Community Maternity Services. He is a chubby little critter which will make some munchkin very happy.
Barbara didn't want to have her blue top down sweater photographed again since it doesn't show much progress from week to week but she did show us her lovely cowl she made to go with her blue winter coat. Lovely! She said she wants to block it to firm up the wonky bound off edge.
Here we see Cinzia finishing up her scarf contribution. It's nice and long and warm! This week she'll weave in the loose ends and then into the inventory it goes.
We had a full house tonight. Everyone was busy with baby clothes and hats.
Beth finished her blue Flax sweater just before she ran out of yarn. That little ball there is all that is left.
She was showing us a sock she made using a new method of knitting the heel. It's too hard to describe but it was fascinating how the shaped heel and instep were knitted simultaneously.
Her donation project is a Barley hat. Such a cheerful yellow!
Margaret finished the hat I showed you last week and....
added another sweet little patterned hat too.
Dorah's sweater is showing more of the variegated chevron pattern now. At first she was unsure if she liked it but we all convinced her that with a little blocking it will look great. I guess I volunteered for the job. ;)
Carole's Sunnyside is really showing off those beautiful cables now. They run down each button band and along the raglan lines of the shoulders.
Maureen checked that ball of yarn that doesn't seem to be getting any smaller. We keep telling her the blanket is large enough but she wants to knit until there is no more yellow yarn. I feel you Maureen!
I knitted this cute little pixie hood in two days but let me tell you, it could have been a lot sooner if I could just follow directions! I started and frogged this thing five times. I knew it was something I was misinterpreting because I checked Ravelry for notes from other knitters and no one had the same problem I was experiencing. After numerous emails to the designer and a consultation with my knitting guru, Cinzia, the light bulb FINALLY went on in my head and I was able to finish it. I enjoyed it so much (once I figured out how to make it) that I cast on stitches to make another one right away. Check it out on Ravelry where you can see photos of it being worn. It's adorable.
Even though our Snowbird Liz is enjoying the warm climate of Florida, she had time to knit and send a few items to add to our collection. From top to bottom, a baby sac, a sweet toddler sweater, and two little infant vests. Wait til you see those buttons!
This chick is adorable!
And so is the duck!
I need to get back to my hood now. Have a great week and keep those needles clicking!

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