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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Labeling Day!

Today was the day we all say, "Wow! I forgot I made that!" or "Who made that one? Oh! I did!"
We take a trip down Memory Lane as we sort through all the FO's and label them for delivery to the Romero Oncology Office.
Barbara put the finishing touches on her Present Cowl so it could go into the inventory for this round of delivery. She finished just in time to label and count it. She used a yarn from Spud and Chloe.
Elaine admired the hat Debbie made. You know, the one I showed you last week which was just at the beginning? It's a nice soft cotton blend yarn.
Cinzia started the cute baby sweater last week and is already at the bottom edge. She was consulting with us all about how many more stripes she should knit. My rule of thumb is, if you're thinking about how many more to knit, it's probably enough. 
I finished another pair of  Align Mitts using a vibrant sock yarn from a mystery yarn with no label.
So this afternoon everything was labeled and sorted. There were 32 hats.

18 scarves,
19 cowls,
and 4 pairs of fingerless mitts.
With 3 last minute additions our grand total was 82 items. I used to count pairs of mittens or socks as one item but I've decided you still have to knit TWO items so I count them individually now.
My evening Chicks were a little disappointed that they didn't get to participate in the labeling so next time I'll save that duty for them.
Carole showed us a hat she is making for herself called Rectangly. She feels the cold and this hat is double knitted so it's a good pattern for warmth. The inside and outside are mirror images of the pattern with two layers being knitted at the same time. It's going to take a while for me to wrap my brain around that one but someday I might try one.
Her Chicks project is a hat called Rambled. The pattern contains multiple sizes and it's free!
Margaret worked on a headband and was deep into it when she realized we were talking so much she forgot to increase to make a taper in the width. We all think it's fine the way it is. We'll find out next week if she agreed.
We must have been chatting on a bit because Dorah too "redesigned" a 3X2 ribbed hat before she realized it. So now it's a 2X2 ribbed hat! Hey! I always say, it's not a mistake, it's a design element!
A hat pattern called Czapka showed up on my Youtube feed which looked interesting. Unfortunately, the whole video and written pattern were in Polish! I must have watched the video a dozen times so I could count the stitches as the instructor cast on and knitted and purled her way to this lovely pattern. I'm using Berroco Ultra Alpaca which is an alpaca and Peruvian wool blend yarn. It's a bit scratchy for alpaca but it's on a head full of hair so I don't think it will matter much.
Last week when Joules was visiting I surreptitiously caught a picture of her joining us for the afternoon. I looked all through my camera and phone knowing I had taken it but couldn't for the life of me find it. The next morning I was texting my son and there it was. I had taken it to show him in a text and forgotten where it was. 
Well, that's all. I just wanted to show you how sweet the kitty is. She's a real "people person" and loves to hang out with the crowd. Enjoy your week and keep those needles clicking!

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