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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

It's been a while!

We Chicks finally got together today! It's been about 3 weeks since we last knitted together. I was away, trying to get some much needed sunshine and then I got sick while away and didn't want to share whatever I had with my Chicks. And then last week we had a whopper of a snow storm that landed anywhere from 18 to 22 inches of snow, depending on which part of town you checked.  But we made up for lost time.
 Oh and Joules came to visit too. We tried to teach her how to knit but you can tell by the expression on her face, she wasn't interested.
 While we were away I finished a pair of Align Mitts, pattern by Courtney Spainhower. It's a free pattern which I found at along with a video tutorial on how to knit them. The yarn is Wink from Periwinkle Sheep. I didn't have a label so I can't tell you the color but it's a pretty purple with a bit of stellina for sparkle.
 Cinzia finished a lacy triangular shawl in a Berroco Yarn.
 Debbie made an acrylic and cotton blend 2X2 ribbed hat for a man. We were very proud of her since this was her first try at a hat on double pointed needles. She did a great job!
 Barbara brought in a Mistake Stitch scarf. This fabric makes a warm thermal layer against the cold.
 Another cowl for the inventory.
 And now Barbara has started the Present Cowl with a Spud & Chloe yarn in periwinkle blue.
 Debbie started a woman's version of the hat using the same acrylic and cotton blend yarn.
 And Cinzia decided to get a jump on our upcoming project so she started a cute baby pullover sweater. Those top down projects are the best!
 I've been working on a Zilver Shawl for myself with yarn from Karin of Periwinkle Sheep. The color is The Other Magic Forest, a deep tonal forest green with flecks of bluish undertones. Really pretty.
 Dorah's fingerless mitt was finished by the evening's end. She'll have the other one done by next week. And there might even be enough yarn left for a headband.
 Margaret started fingerless mitts too. I didn't catch the name of the pattern though.
 Carole is zipping along on her Soldier's Hat. The whole hat is 2X2 rib and knits up very quickly.
 I started another pair of Align Mitts. I'm using the Magic Loop method so I can knit them both at once and make modifications at the same time to both of them. If I have to depend on my memory to remember what I did to the first when I knit the second, well, let's just say I'd be up the creek without a paddle!
 I can't remember who made these nice cozy mitts. Sorry! I think it was one of the afternoon Chicks.
 Margaret made the lavender Bankhead cap
 and Elsa's hat, a pattern from her knitting book.
 Our last finished hat jumped off Carole's needles. It's called Jen's New Sweetie Pie from Purl Soho. It has a simple two stitch cable pattern that compliments the stockinette body.
It was so good to see my Chicks again. I really miss them when we can't knit together. It's nice to have partners who enable each other! LOL!
Good night Dorah.

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