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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Be warned!

 This week I'm in a nasty mood! I spent the last 18 days knitting furiously on this lovely shawl called "Emiliana". I used Periwinkle Sheep Wink in the colorway "Ghost of Molly" (it's the silver color) and the black is Cascade Heritage Sock yarn. It is a very easy pattern and I was entertained while knitting the mosaic section.
Then this happened.....
 I put it in the bath to soak so I could block it and the black yarn ran into the silver grey leaving purple splotches in it's wake!!!
  It's not like this is the first time I've ever blocked anything either. My Ravelry page alone has over 400 projects and those are just the ones I took the time to photograph and log.  I am heartbroken! I needed time to mourn all the work lost. My talented friend, Karin, said she would give it a go to try to remove the stains so keep your fingers crossed. It's not like I couldn't make another one. But all that work! And it's a lovely shawl. I just don't want to donate something that isn't perfect.
 On to a happier note. Last week I finally tired of knitting dreary brown yarn so I made an executive decision and turned the scarf into a keyhole scarf. I love the way it turned out. And now even in a good stiff wind, it won't blow away.
 I finished the Miss Winkle for donation too. And...
 the cowl I knitted using Knit Picks Preciosa and Lang Mille Colori Baby gradient. I always have multiple projects on needles at the same time. Remember the ADD thing last week? Now I have 3 items finished and ready to go into inventory. That really picked my spirits up!
 Margaret finished her silk hat with the spirals. It is so soft and the silk fiber will be warm while still being lightweight.
 Carole showed us the lovely headband she's making for her daughter. 
She does great work with those cables.
 And her cowl has grown since last we met.
 Margaret's second project is this hat...
 in nice neutral greys and black.
 Dorah didn't want me to show you her never-ending scarf but I had to! It's longer and we're ever so grateful that the weather turned to rain in time for Dorah to join us. She lives 30 minutes north and the 2 degrees difference is a big deal when you have to drive in the winter weather!
 I started a pair of fingerless mitts called "Align Mitts" using a sparkly yarn in purple.
I'm using the Magic Loop method of knitting both at the same time so I won't have to remember adjustments I make to the pattern. What I do to one mitt, I do immediately to the other. I'm so happy I gave in and learned this technique!
The afternoon ladies again had conflicts and weather issues with which to deal today. This weather just has to improve! I miss my afternoon crew! Well, when we meet again I'm sure they'll have lots of finished knitting projects to show me. Hint, hint...

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AlisonH said...

All these gorgeous projects!

I've been thinking about that shawl. I think I'd drop Cascade a note. They need to know their suppliers are cheapening out on them--that dye should have been colorfast, or at least a whole lot closer to it than that, and that's the sort of thing that kills a business; they need to know.

Not that it's your responsibility to save them, just, it's a thought. I've met the owner of the company, and he's a very nice guy, if that helps any.