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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Warm heads, warm hearts

We finished lots of hats and scarves this week. First up is the Carlsbad Hat, free from Ravelry. I didn't have a large enough mannequin head for blocking but when it's worn on a real head it looks good, no curling or puckering. I couldn't tell you what yarn I used other than it is a fingering weight. I hate it when labels go MIA.
 Barbara was able to join us this week. Boy! We sure do miss her. She finished a spiral ribbed hat to add to our inventory. It was made with a cotton blend yarn so it will be a comfortable wearing fiber.
 Cinzia's ZickZack scarf which was featured last week is now finished. It is nice and wide so it can bunch up all warm and cuddly around the neck.
 I saw a pattern for sale for this cowl and decided to try my hand at deciphering the stitches before I shelled out the money and sure enough! I was able to knit the basket weave lace and made rolled edges with straight stockinette stitches so it would curl and look a bit like an I-cord edge.
 Cinzia started a triangular shawl. She looks at a picture of knitting and just knits it without a pattern! 
 My evening group worked diligently on their projects.
 Dorah finished the scarf and had yarn left to start some fingerless mitts. Seamless knitting in the round will short cut the knitting time and save sewing seams at the end.
 Carole's Mistake Stitch Hat was finished up tonight.
 The original pattern called for worsted weight yarn but she adapted it for bulky weight. It is nice and warm but not heavy.
 Margaret started the Bankhead Hat tonight. The ribbing is knitted through the back loop giving the stitch a nice feature.
 And such a pretty lilac colored yarn too!
 I dipped into my UFO bag and came out with these squares which I started some time ago with the plan on making a chullo hat, the kind with the earflaps. But somewhere along the line I lost inspiration and decided to make it into a cowl. I'll continue the squares until it is large enough to fit over the head and then I think I'll knit garter bands of black yarn on the top and bottom edges to make the colors pop!
 Carole started the Nurmilintu shawl with this gorgeous, energetic, blue yarn from Periwinkle Sheep. It almost vibrates it is so lovely.
 Dorah made this lovely infinity scarf for her daughter. It takes 3 colors of DK weight yarn which are blended using 2 strands at a time so you can change colors gradually. It's so young and fashionable.
 And last but not least is Margaret's cowl that she started last week. The thick wooly yarn is so cozy and warm.
I have at least 5 different projects on needles right now, hoping to stave off startitis. What do you have in progress? And do you have more than one project on needles at a time?

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