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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

I don't have ADD Oh look! Pretty yarn!

Margaret's hat of two colors of silk yarn has grown in length since last Tuesday. She's at the decreasing portion now and she thinks there is something strange with the way it looks. The spiral walks around the hat and then suddenly stops when the decreases start. Carole and I looked it over but we think it's just a feature of going from the spiral stitch to the decreasing crown. We think it will look fine when it's finished. Sometimes that happens with a pattern but I know how she feels. You don't want to finish knitting only to find out it's either wrong or doesn't look right. But I think this will work out just fine.
Carole started a Mistake Stitch cowl and the stitch definition is gorgeous! Perfect for this stitch!
But like me, she was easily bored with the project and decided to switch to her hat she started last week. We joked that we have knitting ADD because we couldn't possibly knit through to the end of a single project. Gotta have multiple patterns going all at once. I use the excuse that it keeps my brain young and elastic because it forces me to memorize multiple patterns when I knit from one project to another. Yeah! That sounds like a good reason! LOL!
So here is my One Row Scarf which is nearly at the halfway mark but knitting the brown yarn on gloomy winter days makes me want to pull my hair out. So on to...
the Miss Winkle shawlette that I started weeks ago. Some days it feels like I'll never finish a project but then all of a sudden I'll have two or three items finished within days of each other. 
Today I blocked my striped cowl which has a Knit Picks solid and a Mini Mochi gradient. The pattern is one I made up. Cast on enough stitches to fit over your head, join in the round, knit 1X1 ribbing for about an inch, then knit every row for as long as desired, ending with another inch (or whatever you knitted at the beginning) of 1X1 ribbing, and bind off. To avoid a color jog at the beginning of the round when you change colors watch this.
We had to cancel our afternoon group because of slippery roads and sloppy snow so I couldn't show you their progress but next week I'm hoping the weather will improve and we can get together again.
Have a great week and keep those needles clicking!

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