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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Yarn Fairy paid a visit

Liz and Barbara were the first Chicks to arrive this afternoon and they dove right into the stash. Ideas 
were swimming through our heads as we checked out the yarns.
 When Elaine arrived a few minutes later she was impressed with the selection. We all let it sink in so we can plan what we're going to use and how.
 Then we got down to work on finishing our current projects.
Barbara worked on her Cushy Cowl and started her bind off row...
with just enough yarn to finish the last stitches. Now that's a good game of yarn chicken!
Then she picked up her Mistake Stitch Scarf. This is Plymouth Encore yarn in a beautiful shade of red, so rich and creamy.
Liz bound off her Present Cowl and worked on weaving in the ends.
Then she picked up her Last Minute Cowl which is nearly finished too.
Another of Liz's finished hats just needs the ends woven in.
I blocked Miss Winkle this morning so she sits on the family room floor drying now. Periwinkle Sheep Memories of Summer colorway.
When Beth, Maureen, and Carole arrived tonight they had the same reaction as the afternoon ladies. Where will they start? What will they take?
Show and Tell started with Beth's finished Baa-ble hat.
Carole graciously offered to model it for us. Beth enjoyed knitting it so much she started another right away.
Carole said she has a ton of this yarn, a very soft blend of fibers. I suspect we'll be seeing many items in the next few weeks which look similar.
And Maureen started a hat with this gorgeous purple yarn. I didn't catch the name. Sorry!
And lastly, my Friend of the Forest hood is done and ready for the inventory.
We have only a few more weeks before we distribute our items throughout downtown Albany. If you have items you've knitted and would like to add them to the yarn bombing, keep watching this blog for the details of when we'll be placing them around town.
And thank you Laura for the beautiful yarns you donated to our group!

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