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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Look who turned 5! And the Chicks were busy this week

I can't believe we celebrated my youngest grandson's 5th birthday already! We took him and his Mom and big brother to Sesame Place yesterday. The air was thick with excitement. Or was that the humidity? The temperatures were in the 90's! We couldn't wait to get into the water rides.
Leo decided he wanted to ride the roller coaster (or hole-er-coaster as he called it) before we hit the water park. We all tried to discourage him since it looked pretty scary. But he wouldn't be deterred! Look at the expresion on his face! Such anticipation and excitement!
When it was over he did a little dance and yelled, "That was sooooo lotta fun!"
When it was time for the parade he watched with such glee as his favorite characters danced down the street.
Elmo was his favorite of all favorites and he waved directly at Leo!
Super Grover took time out from his busy day for a quick photo op. It was a long hot day but we all had a very good time celebrating with Leo.
Now to show you what the Chicks have been up to. Liz finished a bunch of hats. This little pink and green number is just big enough for a preemie baby.
And the curly cues finish the top of this one nicely.
This one reminds me of a little snowball.
And this one is warm and cozy.
Liz completed a nice matched set too.
Dorah added some inches to the yoke of her baby sweater this week.
And Carole started a baby cardigan.
It's a free pattern on Ravelry.
Maureen finished one sleeve and is almost done with the second.
We'll be labeling these and our other items soon for delivery.
Next week we celebrate our 11th anniversary with a pot luck dinner.
Come back and check it out.

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