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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Decisions have to be made

Sometimes even the easiest of projects can stump an experienced knitter. I gave up making the Gaptastic Cowl once a long time ago because I couldn't keep the seed stitch aligned without going into 1X1 ribbing. It was very frustrating. Well, Elaine is faced with the same problem with her Mistake Stitch Scarf. We get to talking and before you know it there is a stitch out of place. So yesterday Elaine and I talked it over and I convinced her to rip the stitching back to a place where the colors repeat in pattern and the mistake is gone and then bind off, sew a seam, and VOILA! You have a cowl instead! I love it when a plan works out!
 My Mistake Rib Cowl is at the end rows and later on you'll see it finished. This was a little trickier knitting in the round but I managed to catch my goofs before I knitted too far along.
 Dorah's friend Susan donated a couple of big bags of yarn in large enough quantities to actually make a sweater that's larger than newborn size. It's always fun to see what other knitters collect for their stash and wonder how hard it was for them to part with it. Thank you Susan for your generosity.
 Carole's Hitchhiker Scarf looks great and doesn't even need blocking. The russet colored yarn is so pretty too.
 And Dorah liked Elaine's idea of turning the scarf into a cowl so she's going to do the same thing with her scarf and then it will be ready to go into this round of inventory.
 Cinzia has been working on Tuesdays and we miss her but I caught up with her last Wednesday. She had two scarves to drop off. This pretty yarn was supposed to be a large Boomerang Scarf but Cinzia went off on a fling and turned it into a new design. That happens a lot when we talk and knit! It turned out great though.
 And her blue scarf was an experiment with combining a novelty yarn with a smooth worsted weight. Cinzia was going to work the boucle yarn zig zagging all the way through the length of the blue wool but soon found out it would run out long before the blue was long enough so on to Plan B...finish the scarf as plain blue, sew a loop at the end, and fish the decorative end through the loop. 
What a great result!
 And here is my cowl I showed you earlier ready to go into inventory. I have enough of that yarn left over that I could probably make another whole cowl but I need to take a break from the quiet color to knit something cheerier.
 Carole finished her Mistake Stitch Scarf too. It's a great generic pattern if you don't know who will be using it.
 Nestled among the skeins of yarn from Dorah's friend were two finished projects, this lovely lace scarf and...
 a soft alpaca cowl. It's doubled over here but it is big enough to bring up and over your head for protection against the cold. Very nice!
Well, back to the needles! I have a couple of projects that I've been avoiding either out of boredom or a lack of passion for the pattern but I am determined to finish them. Someday you'll see them here. I'm just not promising soon!


AlisonH said...

All that warmth and love. Well done, all.

Rustam Ali said...

So warming product that is. it is necessary for cold weather. thanks for your beautiful work.
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