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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Knitting and Tinking

I told you Kathleen would have the hat to match the sweater ready this week! Plus she had enough yarn and time to make another hat. And she thinks there is still enough yarn left to make another hat!!! God bless you Kathleen. You are amazing!

 Oh, and Kathleen made this hat too. She was testing the size on Cinzia. We were trying to figure out why she gets gauge perfectly but the hat turns out a bit poufy, even though that's not the way it looks in the photograph. After much discussion, Kathleen decided to rip back to the last set of design stitches and begin the decreases sooner making less volume in the crown portion.
 Elaine's hat is finished and...

 she started the Present Cowl using Cascade 220 worsted weight yarn in a nice heathered blue color. Barbara started a Cabin Fever Buttons Cardigan for a child. She is using Cascade 220 in a soft powder blue. The Present Cowl is a free pattern on Ravelry and the Cabin Fever Cardigan is a purchased pattern.

Cinzia's scarf is taking shape but that boucle yarn is taking it's toll on her fingers. On to Plan B. Instead of carrying the boucle all the way through to the other end, she has decided to make two zigs and two zags on one end and then knit plain blue to the other end and repeat the zig zags again. This way she will be assured of having enough boucle to finish the pattern too.

 Maureen is making a last minute Christmas gift for her husband, a pair of warm slipper socks.
And Carole made pretty headband/earwarmers for her daughters. This one is a continuous band to slip on but...
 this one will have a button hole on one end so you don't have to mess your hair when you put it on.
Remember last week I showed you Carole's dilemma with a misplaced stitch? Well, this week she decided that she needed to tink back to the mistake and correct it. It was just driving her batty to see it sticking out and mocking her. I can't blame her. I probably would have done the same.
But she did have a finished cowl to add to our inventory. This was our friend Karin's pattern.
I have 15 more blocks to knit on a sock blanket that I'm making for my son for Christmas and then I have to knit the I-cord ALL AROUND THE EDGES! Wish me luck. It might be days before I come up for air again!
In the meantime, let me wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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