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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Filling the inventory

When last we met Cinzia was working on her short rows scarf. She was planning on alternating a solid brown yarn with this variegated but after a few segments she decided she didn't like the way the two fibers didn't mesh well together. The variegated yarn is very organic and raw while the brown yarn was plied differently and gave off a sheen that didn't seem to look right against the other. We all agreed that she made the right choice to not use the brown. 
So now the brown yarn is becoming the Palindrome Reversible Cables Scarf. This is one of those patterns that will amaze you even as you knit it because you can't figure out how on earth those cables can look the same on both sides! It takes me forever to knit one because I keep stopping to turn it over and over and marvel at the "reversibility" of it.
 Liz has made progress on her Noro Striped scarf. That's the same brown yarn Cinzia is using on her Palindrome. I guess we had many skeins of it! 
Elaine misplaced her lovely Mistake Stitch Scarf and just recently found it again so she's finishing it up.
She did however, finish a bulky weight cabled hat. Beautiful stitchwork!
 And I haven't made much progress on my version of the Mistake Stitch Scarf. I was away all last week taking care of the grands so I didn't have much knitting time on my hands.
 The evening group is still working on all the scarves and hats that were highlighted the last time I posted on the blog. 
 Beth had a surprise for us though. Many weeks ago she and Carole talked about the scarves they were making using their favorite baseball teams' colors; two colors designate away wins and losses and two designate home wins and losses. Well, look at how well Beth's Pittsburgh team is doing! Those wide bands of stockinette stitch are the wins. She knitted the losses in garter stitch which is bumpy because losses are bumpy afterall.
And then last week when I was visiting my daughter and grandsons I caught them in a quiet moment when Moose was reading to his little brother. There aren't many moments of tranquility with two little boys, so I had to catch this on camera to remember how they can be still for a minute or two!
They'll be all grown up before you know it. Gotta catch these precious times while I can.

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