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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Time to donate!

It's time to take inventory and photograph our donation. So many cute little baby clothes! 
There were 26 sweaters of all styles. Some had matching hats too! Those two blocks on either side are holding sweaters that haven't yet dried from their blocking.
 There were 3 lovely crocheted blankets and...
 30 hats, 3 pairs of booties, and 9 pairs of mittens. These items will go to Albany Medical Center to be distributed wherever they are needed.
 Barbara made us all laugh because she couldn't let us see her Mistake Stitch scarf again this week. She was quick with that pillow. Kathleen brought us a finished red hat and blue scarf, sitting at her side on the couch cushion. Now she's working on a Mistake Stitch scarf with the green and red variegated yarn. She started a linen stitch scarf with it but it didn't go well and the yarn was not cooperating. So then Kathleen decided on a Feather and Fan scarf but the busy-ness of the colors in the yarn did not allow the pretty stitch pattern to show up. Frogged again! Now she is going back to the "Tried and True" Mistake Stitch scarf and it looks great. 
Liz added rows to her hat and Elaine continued on her blanket for a future donation when we give baby items again. 
 The multi-talented Cinzia added some crochet rows to a sweet little baby top and now it just needs some buttons.
 Carole tried something new to her, knitting both sleeves of a sweater at the same time on one needle using the Magic Loop method. This is a great idea to insure that all your decreases occur at the same spot on both sleeves and they end up being the exact same length. If you have a flexible long circular needle you should give it a try. I'm sure you'll like the results. Plus both sleeves are finished in one fell swoop!
 Beth started a Mistake Stitch scarf too using a very colorful yarn that has lots of texture. This is going to be a cheerful garment!
 Maureen started a slouchy hat with some of the yarn from our California Yarn Angel and 
 I picked up stitches on a scarf she sent us so it can be finished and added to the inventory.
 Then Dorah picked out two lovely yarns from the same supply and she started a Reversible Stripes scarf. Horizontal stripes on the front and...
 vertical stripes on the back! A.MAZE.ING! We still can't figure out how that works!
It's always fun when knitting befuddles us!

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