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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

We knit so we won't eat...sometimes

First my apologies to Cinzia for not getting a photo of the lovely cowl she is making. We got to talking so much and then my husband served eggnog cheesecake and all thoughts flew out the window! We all tried to resist but CHEESECAKE! EGGNOG! Need I say more?
 I'll be sure to get a picture of Cinzia's lovely cowl when we resume knitting after the holidays.
Barbara's Country Rows shawl is getting cozy. She picked two skeins of Malabrigo variegated yarn but the dye lots were just a hair different so she is knitting two rows with one skein and two rows with the other. This way there is a gentle blending of the colors and no one will notice. It looks really nice.
 Kathleen felt like knitting something different and this little sweater just jumped right off her needles! We will save it for a future donation when we need baby clothes.
 For this current inventory she added these four pairs of mittens. Those variegated ones on the upper right were made with just enough yarn from a previous project.
 Kathleen also made a pretty lace scarf with some Periwinkle Sheep sock yarn. This lace pattern is four rows long and easy to memorize since all wrong side rows are purl across.
 Now Kathleen is working on a 2X2 ribbed hat. There are many patterns out there. Check out Ravelry and choose your favorite.
 I wanted to wear a new shawl for the holiday gatherings and chose to use a yarn in my stash that I rescued from a shawl I knitted years ago and found myself not wearing. I chose Celeste Young's "Outlaw". Well, as you can see by this photo, this isn't the Christmas season I'll be wearing it!
Let me take this opportunity to wish you all peace and love of the season for now and always.
I'll catch up with you after the new year.