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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Meeting that Christmas knitting deadline

This week due to inclement weather my nighttime ladies (oh, that doesn't sound very good! LOL!) were forced to stay home where it was warm and dry. We've had a crazy mix of snow, then rain, then sleet, then back to snow. Mother Nature just can't make up her mind! Even now, as I look out the window, it has gone from teeny tiny flakes mixed with drizzle to a steady stream of big flakes, right out of a big Hollywood production! It's so pretty, even if it is a big pain.

So yesterday Cinzia, Elaine, and I worked by the glow of the fire. We all worked on some personal knitting since some of us have a Christmas deadline to meet. Elaine did, however, leave me a sweet pair of slippers for our donation inventory...
And this lovely rosy cowl.
 Then she set straight to work on a hat for her nephew. She made him one a few years ago which accidentally went through the wash and shrunk right up to Barbie doll size! He's a hunter so she found a wool color called "Camo" but as she knitted, the colors lined up perfectly into stripes. We all agreed that we kind of liked that effect!
 Cinzia is working on designing a pattern for a cowl which she made in the past. When she saw this yarn, which is heavenly soft by the way, she decided to make that cowl. However, just a few inches into it the tweedyness of the yarn seemed to overtake the pretty laciness of the pattern. So guess what's getting frogged today? We talked about the importance of choosing a color and texture of yarn that is appropriate for the details of the pattern. Sometimes you just have to use a solid or at the very least a soft tonal that won't interfere with the pattern.
 Cinzia worked on a lovely shell for her sister using a Marianne Isager pattern that actually starts with that little garter stitch block on the top of each shoulder. The whole garment grows in zig zags from that one little square. She's using a cotton/wool blend yarn and it's going to be gorgeous!
 In between all my other knitting projects I try to knit at least a block every few days to my son's sock blanket. He asked that I make it to fit his double bed so I made it a few blocks wider, just for good measure. I love how colorful it is!
 Well, back to holiday knitting. There aren't too many days left until Christmas so I hope you all aren't under a lot of stress. I'd love to hear all about your holiday knitting. Leave a comment and tell me what you're knitting this season.

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