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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Knitting til the Cowls come home!

I finally wrote up the pattern to the "V" Formation Neck Gaitor. It took me 3 tries to get it right, but thanks to my superior computer skills, I was able to post the pattern to Ravelry where you can purchase it. It's a quick and easy knit which can be made in a few hours. If you have some last minute Christmas gifts to make this would be a good one for a man or woman.
The Chicks have been knitting it too. Kathleen made this one and
this one.
This yellow one was hot off Cinzia's knitting needles.
 Kathleen made this cute hat using a Malabrigo Merino yarn that is soft as a cloud.
 Kathleen contributed the Boomerang Scarf too. It's a great pattern for hand painted yarns of any weight. You just have to adjust the size of your knitting needle to a bit larger than you would normally use for the weight yarn you're using so the finished fabric will have a nice drape.
 A good basic hat pattern that Kathleen likes to make is the 2X2 ribbed watch cap. This is just one of many free ones offered on Ravelry.
 Cinzia bought some beautiful hand dyed yarn while on a trip in Maryland and made her own pattern for this lovely cowl. It's wide enough to pull up over the head should a sudden cold snap hit.
The multi-talented Carole made a knitting tote from fabric she purchased while vacationing in Paris. It's the perfect size for a small project like socks or mittens.
 And that's just what she had in it tonight. Here are her mittens sans thumbs.
 By evening's end, she had finished them.
 Beth finished a Christmas stocking for a family member. It just needs the loop for hanging. She found the pattern for all kinds of Christmas motifs for only $1.00!
 Beth and Maureen are both knitting the Basic Cabled Mitten. Beth's is on the left and Maureen's on the right. It's a pretty pattern that is much easier to knit than it looks. I love those kinds of patterns.
 Beth worked on her second one....
 as did Maureen.
 Maureen squeezed in a little Christmas knitting as well.
 And Dorah showed us a gift she knitted which required her to learn how to make a provisional cast on. I'm very proud to say she did an excellent job!
 And Dorah added 2 hats to our inventory tonight.
 Nice soft yarn!
 Her Honeycomb Cowl is coming along nicely. One more motif row and she'll be done.
 My Barber Pole Cowl was stalled a bit while I made 2 Christmas gifts last week. But I made a bit more progress tonight. I'm happy to say that I haven't made any mistakes lately in counting to 3 so I'm sure I'll be able to finish it without any blips in the stripes. 
I'm coming to the ends of the skeins of yarn so it will be done soon, whether or not it reaches the length stated in the directions. That's the nice thing about knitting cowls, as long as it fits over the head, it can be finished whenever you decide. As soon as I knit the last stitch on this I get to reward myself with knitting a new project! YAY! I can't wait!!!

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AlisonH said...

Beautiful, all of it, and I love your pattern!