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Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Seriously, how hard is it to count to 3?!!! Apparently I have trouble with it. This is my second attempt at conquering this VERY easy cowl. It's just knit 3 stitches in white, knit 3 stitches in red. I tried it a couple of months ago using a dark shade of purple and a slightly lighter shade of purple. And I kept making the same mistake but I chalked it up to not having enough contrast between the colors. Well, you can't get any more contrast than this and I STILL made the mistake. 
 Thankfully, I wasn't too far past the blip when I noticed it. I was able to tink it back far enough to get back on track. Now if I could just chew gum and walk at the same time I might actually be able to get through this whole project without any more mistakes! 
 On the bright side, I'm having a wonderful time knitting a pair of socks for myself. In another inch or so I'll be approaching the challenge of knitting the heel. This is the first time I have attempted two socks at once on one needle. I better watch those Youtube videos vigilantly to make sure I can get through those steps on the first try.
 Kathleen brought her finished slipper socks today. She was having a bit of a problem too. She wanted to knit the flowers and wasn't getting anywhere so she opted for Plan B which was to crochet the blossoms. Looking good Kathleen!
 She added a bright pair of mittens to the inventory too. Cinzia will be knitting a cowl to match these so there will be a nice ensemble.
 Barbara didn't want me to show her project in progress because she didn't think she had knitted enough since last time so I wanted to show off her beautiful shawl she was wearing today. She made it with fingering weight yarn and it is lovely.
 Cinzia had a few more repeats to her pattern and then she'll be on to the blocking phase of her Nymphalidea. Her choice of yarns was perfect for this pattern. It looks more complicated than it really is and it takes only a few repeats of the motif to memorize it. Then you can fly through the pattern.
 Beth presented a lovely shawl she made for herself (I love when my Chicks get to knit something for themselves).
 Then she told us about the HORROR she experienced right at the end. She blocked the shawl and when it was dry she cut the dangling ends of yarn, not remembering that she had not yet woven the ends into the work. That's a BIG no-no for you non-knitters. Oh yes! The shawl quickly began to unravel! Beth took a big breath and immediately put the shawl down until she could regain her composure. Her daughter Gretchen came over to help with the repair and lend a little sympathy and confidence. Thankfully, with a little extra yarn and patience, all was repaired and now it can be worn confidently.
Today must have been a day for mistakes because Dorah was gleefully knitting along when she noticed her dark yarn was hanging in front of her work. It should have been tucked behind the peach colored yarn but instead was sticking out as though to taunt her. Neener-neener-na-na! A quick snip with the scissors and a sturdy knot in the yarn solved that nasty little problem! Now it looks great!
 And look what turned up in Beth's stash! Another ball of Berroco Jasper! I swear that stuff multiplies like bunnies when no one is looking! Well, it's a good thing Carole is working on mittens and accessories with the same yarn. She'll find a use for it.
 Carole finished her cowl from last week and into the inventory it goes.
 Maureen started the cabled mittens from a pattern Beth found online. This yarn is perfect for great stitch definition. I'll have to find out the name of it for next week.
 For now I'll have to practice counting to 3!

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bmash said...

The pattern is Basic Cabled Mittens by Amy O'Dell.