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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Too muggy to knit outside

The "Chicks of the Evening" met yesterday. Afternoon ladies had the day off. But they'll be back on duty next week.
Carole's Sunnyside Cardigan is finished, buttons and all! It's so cute. Makes me wish I had a little baby to knit for. What am I saying?! I have lots of babies to knit for, I just don't know them!
 Carole started a new project last night but I'm not sure I remember what it is. I think she said she would be making a hat. That's the problem with having more than one conversation going at the same time. Knitting I can handle, talking, not so much!
 Maureen was down to the decreases nearing the end of a baby hat and she finished it so quickly she had to go home and look for something else to knit. Good thing she lives right across the street from me.
 I put some pretty skeins of yarn out on the table for inspiration and Carole and Cinzia checked them out. Carole was hooked. I can't wait to see what she knits.
 And there is Sofia between Dorah and me. I guess we didn't scare her last week. I'm so happy to have another generation interested in carrying on the knitting skills!
 Dorah is nearing the end of her Brickless scarf/shawl. Such a pretty yarn too! Do you think I can remember what it's called? Mrs. something or other...
Sofia's bootie is growing nicely. I'm so proud of how easily she picked up new techniques. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished pair.
I have one more sleeve to go on my Simple Baby Pullover using Cascade 220 yarn. I went to the Farmer's Market in Delmar last Saturday to get beets, basil, and tomatoes and came home with a lovely yarn bowl instead. That's it to the left of the sweater. It's the loveliest deep teal glaze with a slot for yarn on one side and two small holes on the other for what I can only assume is for two color knitting.
 I'm slowly making progress on my son's sock blanket. It's going to be wide enough for a full/queen size bed. Each square takes about 25 minutes to knit, once I decide what yarn to use. I try to be careful not to use the same yarn too close to each other. When it's done I'll attach a black i-cord edging to give it a clean finish.
 I took the lazy way out on my Sectores Scarf. It was supposed to be knitted until I ran out of yarn
which would have made it very long but I grew tired of it quickly so I decided to make a shoulder shawl instead. I used Poems Sock Yarn that has a long, slow color change. I didn't even notice until I took this photo that I started and ended with exactly the same amount of pink yarn! I love when patterns work out that way! Serendipity!!! This will go into inventory for a future donation.
Next week I think we will be labeling all the items to be donated. Check back then for our final tally.

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AlisonH said...

Your sock blanket looks like two of my get-well blankets. They worked! I about swooned when I saw yours there, mine have such grateful memories attached to them. Thank you!