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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The butcher, the baker, the Candle Maker! And some knitting too!

Kathleen finished a lovely baby blanket in time for this week's photos. She used an acrylic, washable, worsted weight yarn and held two strands together which made for quick knitting on a large needle. The basket weave-like pattern is reversible. We can't tell which is supposed to be the right side. Who cares?! They both look great!
 She managed to slip in another two pairs of mittens too.
 Liz made a sweet hoodie using the same pattern that Barbara used last week. It's a simple top-down pattern that starts at the hood section and finishes off with a picot bottom edge for a sweet, feminine touch.
 And here is Liz's other FO... a baby sac. This is the one I showed you last week when I mentioned that none of us could figure out which was the right side. Liz made an executive decision and picked the prettiest side out.
 And just for good measure she also put the finishing touches on the baby hat by adding a knitted flower and leaves. See? Sometimes it pays to be a hoarder! Liz needed green yarn for leaves and I had just enough squirreled away in a bag with leftovers.
 Now Liz has started another sweater and ....
 so has Kathleen. By next week we'll have much more to show you.
 Only Carole and Maureen were able to make the evening session. Dorah had a previous date with "The Boss" Bruce Springsteen and Beth had book club. I heard Bruce put on quite a good show.
 This week Carole is making the hat to match last week's sweater.
 And Maureen decided that 5 rows of hearts is quite large enough for her blanket. On to the garter border next week.
 I had just enough Liberty Wool yarn left to make a slouchy baby hat to match the pullover I knitted. If I finish tomorrow's chores early enough I might make a trip over to the store for buttons. I'm picturing bright coral colored buttons. I know I shouldn't get my heart set on them though. I seldom see in the stores what I imagine in my head. Maybe that's a good thing! LOL!
 For Mother's Day this year my son made arrangements for me to join our friends, Sue and Amy (mother and daughter) for a surprise date. He told me we were going to Saratoga Springs, home of the Saratoga Race Track, for a nice brunch and then to wear something which had sleeves which could be rolled up. Huh? He wouldn't tell me anything else and the suspense was killing me!
 After a wonderful and leisurely meal we walked along Broadway and enjoyed the beautiful weather. Since it's not racing season yet we could take our time and not have to fight the crowds.
 After our stroll, we drove south on Route 50 to Ballston Spa to The Candle Collective where our kids treated us to an afternoon of candle making. I had such a good time! You can tell by the goofy grin on my face. I was having such a good time I couldn't wipe that silly smile off my face all afternoon. We each made 3 candles in colors and shapes of our own choosing.
 The process is to cut chunks of colored wax and place it, or just dump it depending on your technique, into the chosen molds. When it is filled to your liking, the mold is filled with hot liquid wax which is scented with a perfume of your choice. There's my first one, a peach scented square with various colored chunks all of the peach, red, and pink family.
 And here we are after 2 hours of candle making with our array of candles displayed before us.
I think we made some pretty good looking candles, if I say so myself!

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