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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

This is your brain on knitting

I came across an article the other day that explained your brain on crafts. It said that when your mid brain is engaged by repetitive movements involved in many crafts such as knitting, the temporal lobe is unable to focus on worry or stress. It further explains that studies have proven crafting can decrease heart rate and blood pressure, improve sleep, (I don't know about that one. Many a night I have stayed awake thinking about what yarn to use for a particular pattern.) help with problem solving, depression and other health issues. So knitting is a good thing, as Martha would say!
Last Thursday at knit night my friend Cathy was showing us a collection of fingerless mitts she made to keep in a collection for emergency Christmas gifts. Her Cafe au Lait mitts called out to me and made me knit them! I used Karin's Periwinkle Sheep Watercolors II sock yarn in Audrey Hepburn red. The lattice pattern is very easy to knit and I whipped these up in two days. The original pattern called for DK weight yarn but I used fingering weight so I adjusted the pattern accordingly. I love the way they turned out and will be wearing them with my Catkin Shawl.
I started a few things this week. I think "Startitis" has struck again. I can't stand to work on only one project at a time!
This is the Aspen cowl free on Ravelry using Manos del Uraguay yarn. It's a very soft merino.
I have a friend who loves purple so I designed this scarf for her and already have about 8 to 10 inches knitted. The yarn is Valley Yarns Charlemont, a merino, mulberry silk and nylon blend. Sooo soft!
I had a skein in worsted weight that has been calling my name for weeks now and I finally weakened enough to start a Zuzu's Petals cowl for myself. The yarn is another Periwinkle Sheep called Shields of Garnet red.
Last week you saw the beginnings of Carole's kitty. Well, here is Sammy! Isn't he adorable?! Carole named him after a co-worker's son because the light brown was the color of his hair when he was four years old and his smile reminded her of his namesake. He's so cute!
Next up is Miffy the bunny. Carole has her head knitted already and she's looking real cute.
Beth finished the body of her doll and by the end of the evening she had hair. Next week she'll probably be fully dressed with a face and then Beth will name her. Don't you just love her little Mary Jane shoes?
Beth brought in Myrna the Monkey. She's a sock monkey of many colors! We laughed and joked about her "healthy" biceps. 
We are loving making all these animals!

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