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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Miffy has a head! And Moose is 6!

"Miffy" has a head! Carole said she looked into the pattern information and found out that Miffy is a character from a Dutch children's book written by Dick Bruna and then later she became a main character in an animated TV series.  Apparently, she's very famous in The Netherlands.
Carole started the body last night. This is the neck opening which will be attached to the base of the head. I can't wait to see her finished.
I'm winging my way through my own design for a chubby puppy. The body is finished and now I'm working on floppy ears and a snout. By next week he might have a face and name.
I finished a cowl for myself. It's the Zuzu's Petals cowl.
I used Karin's Periwinkle Sheep worsted weight merino in the color "Shields of Garnet". It is a beautifully rich tonal red and looks pretty close to this photo below.
This past weekend Poppop and I helped Moose celebrate his sixth birthday. We played Laser Tag and some light games at Wonderland Castle in Pennsylvania, not far from where he lives. Moose and his brother raced all over the place.
Leo didn't care that he didn't put tokens into the games. He enjoyed "driving" anyway!
Moose loved his blue hedgehog I made for him and is looking forward to his trip to Fort Ticonderoga this summer to learn more about the American Revolution.
Sunday, between church and lunch, we had a few minutes to play at the playground. Can you tell by the expression on Leo's face that he was having the time of his life?
You could hear the giggles miles away!
We continued Moose's birthday celebration with lunch at Nifty Fifties in his neighborhood. If you look closely you'll notice that Leo is holding his "drumsticks" correctly to play a cool rhythm.
Mom and Dad tried to get Moose to smile but he's at that age when crazy faces are more fun.
The food here was delicious...crispy fries, tasty burgers, and the best shakes around. But the best part was getting to spend more time with my babies.
One more funny face before we have to go back home.
It was a busy weekend filled with giggles and hugs and I wouldn't have missed it for the world!

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