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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Labeling Day

Today was labeling day. We attached washing instructions and our Chicks label to everything and then inventoried all the items to be delivered to the La Salle School in Albany. We enjoyed sorting through everything once again before sending them off to their new homes.
 It's fun to see all the knitting we did and remember our experiences making them.
 I finished this reversible stripes scarf just in the nick of time to get it into this quarter's donation.
 We had a lovely collections of neck wear...
 hats, vests, a blanket...
 sets of warm mittens and hats and scarves and sweaters and...
 cozy mittens. 
 Dorah finished her Wingspan shawl/scarf. 
 And here is the hat Beth started last Tuesday and finished already.
 Now Beth is taking a class in crochet. She has decided to learn something new and this is her first attempt at crochet. It looks pretty good for a first timer.
 Last week you saw the baby sweater Carole started and here she shows the progress she made. It's going to be so cute.
Thank you Chicks for wrapping up another great donation. I couldn't do it without you!