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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Four down, more to go

We have some pretty nice FO's to show off tonight. Carole's infinity scarf looks lacy since she blocked it. 
 Now she is working on a man's hat to add to this current inventory. We are all inspired to knit frilly or lacy women's items but it isn't as easy to be inspired to knit men's items. It's a trap I fall into all the time.
 Dorah finished her never-ending blue scarf and it is beautiful!
 We all had a good laugh at Beth's glass head! She found it at Pier 1 and bought it for a Christmas gift that she shares with her daughter. Her idea was to use it to block hats she knitted.
 It works very well! Now we have to think of a name for her. We should make her our mascot! LOL!
 I started the Mistake Stitch scarf at the end of last week's group and finished it tonight. It's about five feet long and will serve as a gender neutral scarf. The pattern is very easy. Cast on a number of stitches which are a multiple of four and add one at the end. Knit 2, purl 2 to the last stitch and then knit 1. Turn and continue this row to desired length. It's a great TV project which doesn't require your undivided attention.
 Maureen started another project tonight but it's now the start of her busy season at work (she's an accountant) so we won't be seeing her on Tuesday nights until after April 15th.
I hate to wish my days away but I hope the time flies. We're going to miss you Maureen. You'll have to read the blog to keep up with us!

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AlisonH said...

People with glass brows-es shouldn't stow thrums. Or something like that.