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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Warm and cozy

We start this week's pictures with Kathleen's donations. She used yarn that was donated to our local town hall for the Senior Citizens knitting. There were small balls of leftovers of all shades of green so Kathleen, not wanting to waste anything, combined them all to make this scarf. It has a minty, funky kind of look. It goes well with the pattern she knitted.
And here is the hat to go with it.
Someone else donated yarn to our group and Kathleen whipped up this pair of cozy slipper socks. By next week she will have another pair knitted.
This is the hat Barbara finished last week and I mentioned she was working on a pair of fingerless mitts to go with it.
And here is the first one done. By the end of our visit this afternoon Barbara had finished the second one also. I think it just needed the ends worked in.
Maureen finished her Wingspan scarf and just needs to block it. The colors are so cheerful!
Her next project will be this pair of slipper socks for a friend of her daughter. 
Carole brought us a cute pair of children's mittens. She said she had just enough yarn to finish them leaving her with about an inch left over. That's what I call cutting it close!
Here are the fingerless mitts she is working on now. I like the pattern running up the topside of the hand.
Beth finished another cloche hat and started a gray one tonight. I don't know where she finds such great buttons for them.
I've never made a Moebius scarf before so I decided to try a free pattern I found on Ravelry. It will have a stockinette and reverse stockinette center, surrounded by lace edging. I finished the center tonight and need some uninterrupted time to do the lace edging.
Lots of stitch counting requires my undivided attention, especially when there are 260 stitches involved! Wish me luck!