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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Happy New Year and New Knitting

It feels good to be back! It's been a long two weeks during which we celebrated Christmas and New Year and I personally battled a bug which the grandsons shared when they visited. I'm back on the road to recovery and the knitting needles are clicking away.
First, let me share with you a photo of Barbara's granddaughter's first Christmas. Isabella looked like she thoroughly enjoyed the celebration and loved her new Christmas stocking that Grandma Barbara knitted for her.
Moose and Leo brightened up our holiday get-togethers with the family too. I loved watching the expressions on their faces with each gift they tore open.
 Yesterday we Chicks snapped right back into the groove and filled the inventory.
We started with a set from Kathleen. This cute sweater and hat are an easy wash and wear acrylic.
Her hat and mittens...
fingerless mitts and ...
a wool sweater vest completed the donations since we last met.
Barbara added to that by contributing another hat and fingerless mitts set.
 And I completed a hat and scarf. The matching mittens are still on DP's.
Carole brought the finished slouch hat that she had started two weeks ago.
And last night she began a set of mitts to go with the hat. Yes, they are the same color. The dark teal in the hat just shows up differently when the flash goes off.
Oops! I forgot to show you the other hat Barbara made that will match the mitts she's working on now.
And Maureen is on the last triangle of her Wingspan shawl.
Dorah wouldn't let me photograph her blue scarf again since she thinks she hasn't made much progress and is afraid you'll all be sick of seeing it. But trust me, it's coming along beautifully and we all look forward to her next project.
I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and wish you good health and prosperity for the coming year. Happy 2013!

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AlisonH said...

Wonderful! And the little ones steal the show.