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Tuesday, August 7, 2012


This week brought us two finished projects. Maureen completed the fourth edge of the baby blanket and now has only the job of sewing up the four mitered corners. The slip stitch pattern makes a nice thermal quality to this lovely blanket.
 Carole finished the hat on which she was working last week. 
 It used Vintage yarn from Berroco which allows for great stitch definition. Look at that beautiful pattern!
 I started the Wingspan shawl this week. Now here's my predicament. The pattern called for 400 yards of yarn. I had two skeins of this beautiful colorway from Mini Mochi that totaled 390 yards. I always have yarn left over after a project is finished so I figure 10 yards won't make a difference. Except that it looks like I'm using the yarn quickly and won't have enough to finish. After taking a second look at the pattern, I notice that it reads 400 METERS not YARDS! 
Oh well. It will have to be neck warmer not a shawl. I really need to read patterns more carefully!


AlisonH said...

It looks paper airplane shaped right now--perfect for the small child in everyone and perfect with the name Wingspan.

Lulu said...

you all knit beautiful projects..