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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Part 2 of Moose and Leo's visit and Deck Time with the Chicks

Remember this photo clue from last week's blog entry? Uncle Drew took Moose rock climbing!
The first thing to do was learn how to hold the rope for the climber. Moose and his parents were listening very carefully. After all, Mommy and Daddy Collins would be holding the ropes for Drew and Moose and no one wanted to fall!
 "You want me to climb all the way up there?" I think this is about when Moose started to get nervous.
 Uncle Drew was very encouraging but Moose enjoyed swinging from the ropes almost as much as he did climbing.
 Even Leo did some climbing on his own, sort of.
 He was very helpful with the ropes too.
 After an hour or so of coaxing and encouraging, Moose couldn't let the cute little girls get ahead of him so he took off with Uncle Drew at his side, showing him just where to put his hands and feet.
 They climbed higher and higher...
 and higher until...
 they made it to the summit!!! Moose was so proud of himself, as we all were.
 He seems to be thinking, "I can't believe I was all the way up there!" He had so much fun that he's going to go back again on his next visit. It really did look like fun and I have permission from my physician to give it a try too. Who knows? You might see photos of me up there someday.
 This week's donations from Liz start off with a seamless, top-down cardigan with cute confetti buttons.
 A cozy pair of slipper socks were another Liz contribution as was....
 this very soft baby blanket.
 Kathleen made a warm scarf and 
 another cardigan and matching hat.
 My ABABA scarf is getting longer but it seems to be taking forever!
 Beth contributed a Zuzu Petals cowl.
 And we were treated to a viewing of her Mystery Knit-a-long shawl.
 The pattern was released in sections to the KAL participants and Beth won by being the first to finish. Beautiful knittng!
 Now she's working on a pair of fingerless mitts called Green Thumb. You can purchase the pattern on Ravelry.
 Maureen decided to knit a hat that Carole made a few weeks ago. Such pretty stitching.
 And Carole's shawl has grown some more. Slow and steady.
Well, I need to get back to my scarf. Have a great week.

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AlisonH said...

That's one little guy who's not going to be afraid of heights--while I went yow a little at the sight. Go Moose! And Drew!

Love the knits, love the love. Thank you!