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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Yarn, yarn, and more yarn!

A dear knitter did her spring cleaning recently and we Chicks were the lucky recipients of the result of her 
"destashing". Thanks Laura! The varieties of color and fiber are beautiful! There were originally six full shopping bags but after I sorted them by gauge I was able to get them all into five bags.
 When the Chicks arrived it was like Christmas all over again!
 Go ahead Maureen and Beth. Take some! Feel inspired! You know you want to!!!
 Maureen started another sweater and although you can't really tell by the photo, it is a rich and royal purple.
 Beth is heading into the home stretch on the body of her pullover.
 And Liz put the finishing touches on a baby blanket. Weaving in all those loose ends can be a pain but it's so satisfying to finally be done with a project. 
Ok Chicks, you are not allowed to buy any new yarns for donation projects until we've knitted through our stash! Yeah, like that's easy! LOL!
Happy Knitting to all!