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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wrapping up a project and a visit with the Grands

Yesterday was labeling day. Kathleen helped me attach labels to all the items which will be delivered to the Saratoga County Rural Preservation Company. It's always fun to revisit our projects again before they go to a new home. Sometimes we sit back and marvel at our accomplishments and then sometimes we make a pact to never knit a certain pattern EVER AGAIN! LOL!
In this donation we have four pairs of slipper socks,
18 scarves and two sets of matching hat and scarf,
four neck-warmer cowls, a pair of socks, and a felted purse,
three shawls, two sweater vests,
two sets of matching hat and mittens, a pair of mittens, and 11 hats. Every stitch was knitted with love and gratitude for these women who have given so much of themselves to protect our freedoms.
Maureen was working on her Baby Sophisticate sweater when she discovered she left the last skein of yarn at home and couldn't finish the sleeve. But she's almost finished.
Carole worked on a two tone hat with pretty purple yarns.
This past weekend DH and I traveled to see the grandsons so we could attend Leo's Baby Dedication. After services, Moose sang "Here Comes the Sun" and entertained everyone. It's too bad he's so shy! ROFL!
The day was beautiful for more reasons than one. We all felt Eliana's presence as we promised to raise Leo with love and guidance.
My latest project was to hurry and knit this sweater and hat for Leo before he outgrew it. The sleeves are cuffed so hopefully it will fit through the winter.
Sleepy head!
Now I can't wait for Halloween! Wait until you see the costumes Mommy has made for the boys

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AlisonH said...

So cute! And thank you all for all the good you put into the world.