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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Squeezing in one more day knitting outside and Oktoberfest!

We had a little visitor this week. Elaine's granddaughter delighted us with her invitations to color with her and then showed off her climbing skills with a chair my uncle made for my daughter when she was a baby.
It was good to see Elaine since she's been on "sabbatical" since the spring. We all go through a dry spell where we need to take a break from knitting. Barbara is back from vacation and ready to jump right into her projects again.
Liz worked on her baby blanket and....
brought us two more scarves for inventory.
I finally blocked and finished the button band on the sweater I started almost two years ago and put into hibernation. It fits my daughter perfectly so she'll be the lucky recipient.
I haven't found the perfect button yet but I had a critter brooch that worked for the time being.
DH and I took a ride to Hunter Mountain on Sunday to enjoy the beautiful weather and partake in their annual Oktoberfest festivities. The trees are just starting to change color in this part of New York.
There was quite a crowd when we arrived shortly after noon but we didn't have to wait long for our food.
We enjoyed Greek gyro sandwiches (yes, I said Greek gyros...I'm not a fan of bratwurst, LOL!) and a great Spaten beer accompanied by the cheerful music of the Oompah band.
Afterward we noticed a significant increase in the crowd. It's a good thing we didn't wait to get lunch.
We took the ski lift ride to the summit and the views on the way were spectacular!

At the summit the sun shone brightly.
We made our way over to the zip line station and watched two young fellas race their way into the forest below. It took my breath away when they shoved off and disappeared into the trees. Wow! They were really moving!!!
A kind stranger swapped cameras with me so we could take turns photographing each other.
Why did they have to spoil the scenery with a "frankenpine"? That's what we call those cellphone towers that are "disguised" to look like a tree. Come on! Who do you think your kidding? They always stand hundreds of feet above the natural trees.
I shudder to think people actually travel down these slopes on their feet in the winter! What an angle! YIKES!
It was a beautiful day on the slopes and Mother Nature cooperated with warm temperatures and sunshine.
I'm going to enjoy it while it lasts but I know this mountain will be just as beautiful when the soft white snows arrive.


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Beautiful! I love that ride on Hunter Mountain.

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