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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Some Knitting and More Moose

I am getting some knitting done in between helping with Moose and Amanda. I've got half of two pairs of Jaywalkers done and started the second on both. The one on the left, blues and greens, is for donation. The one on the right, purples and pinks, is for me, that's why it's a little shorter. I don't like my socks to go clear up to my calf.
For my birthday my daughter gave me this pattern because she knows I love knitting shawls.
When I went to the Massachusetts Sheep and Wool Festival in June I found this yarn. And so the first two motifs are started and I'm showing some progress. It's a pretty large shawl so it may take me some time to finish it. And let's face it, how much knitting can get done around an active four year old?
Speaking of Moose, he wore his cowboy hat all day everywhere the other day, even when he watched a little TV. He sensed I was capturing the moment for posterity.
And being the shy kid that he is (HA!HA!), he immediately went into performance mode.
He gave me the full on Paul McCartney version of "Oh Darlin'".
I wish you could have been there. He's a hoot!

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AlisonH said...

If you sing with real enthusiasm your little brother will want to come join you. (And it worked!)

Congratulations to all!