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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

WIP's and FO's

For those of you who don't speak "knit-ese", WIP stands for "work-in-progress" and FO is "finished object" and we have some of both this week.

But first Barbara and Elaine had to catch up on their knitting news because it's been a few weeks since we last saw Elaine. She was checking out our new knitting pattern book and Barb was looking through the latest KnitPicks catalog. See anything interesting, ladies?

Elaine is working on a baby sweater but had a hard time today mixing conversation and knitting. Those eyelet patterns are a bugger if your concentration goes awry. Kathleen finished two pairs of mittens and.... a cardigan sweater. The buttons, which she found in her button box, fit just perfectly. I finished a weskit style sweater vest using some Icelandic yarn that was donated and half knitted. I frogged the sweater but since the yarn didn't have any labels I didn't know how much yardage there was. As a result, I had to do a quick redesign in the last six rows of the front neckline where you see it dip because I knitted down to the very last inch of yarn. The side seams had to be sewn with grey yarn but you can't even tell. Another Baby Sophisticate sweater just fell off my needles as did a hat to match. Aren't these buttons just perfect? And lastly, it took me a day to make this pair of newborn booties with leftover sock yarn. I think I used about 150 to 200 yards of yarn. At least that's what the pattern calls for. If you would like to make a pair the pattern is free
Our evening group did not meet this week, so we'll have to catch up with them next time. In the meantime, keep those needles clicking!

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AlisonH said...

Thank you for the link! I might try booties again after all.