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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Closeups and Part Two of Moose's Visit

Today's post is all closeups of our works in progress. Sheila started a pair of mittens. After a few false starts, she is on her way through the ribbing.

Beth was in a quandery about what to do when you have yarn in the stash that is "who-knows-how-old" and you can't get anymore, and you think it will be enough, but you find out too late that it might not be enough. That's the time to break out a complimentary yarn to use for cuffs and such. I really like the way this looks!

After the success she had with her husband's bike socks, Maureen is making another pair using a pretty variegated yarn.
I'm making a shawl from my design, "Flirtatious" using Karin's new sparkly yarn called "Wink". It has a very feminine flicker in the yarn that's not at all garish.
My other project is a baby cardigan knitted from the top down in one piece using an alpaca and bamboo blend. Soooooooo soft!

When Moose was here last week his Mom and I HAD to make a trip to WEBS for their annual sale. I made sure to bring my phone which is packed with video games (most grandmothers carry gum in their purse for antsy grandkids. I carry video games!) Moose played for a little while until he saw the girl with the I-Pad! He made friends with this sweet child and she let him play her games while Mom and I shopped. Poppop was relieved because he was in charge of Moose and now he could stand by and watch.

After our trip to WEBS we drove into Springfield, MA to the Springfield Museum where Moose made friends with everyone. This sweet grandma let him "help" her how to play the mirror and lights game.

Then he ran off to make friends with the lizard. The lizard wasn't having it.

We emailed this photo to Uncle Drew because he LOVES dinosaurs! Can you see how small Amanda looks down in the lower left of the photo?

Moose found a Moose!

And then we went to the Dr. Seuss Sculpture Garden. It was so much fun! Moose "met" the Cat in the Hat, Dr. Seuss.....


Thidwick the Big-Hearted Moose....

and his favorite, The Lorax.

He ran around the garden for 30 minutes and then we had to go home. Except for the occasional Beatles songs, it was a calm ride home.

The next day we visited a local playground. Getting ready for all the running and fun is important, you know.

Amanda and I were knitting while we watched all the fun and before you know it Moose was giving a guided tour of our projects to all the little girls.

We loved watching him play. As he descended the slide, instead of calling out "Cannonball!" he yelled "COTTONBALLS!" We laughed so hard our sides hurt.
We stopped in to see Great Aunt Jamie and the Great Grandparents on our way home on Saturday. Moose and Jamie had a good time playing detective with a flashlight.
Great Grandpa Billy and Moose were having a deep conversation. Nanny Boo never wants her photo taken, so we didn't get any pictures of her this day.

On Easter Sunday after church, we drove to the cemetary so Moose could give some flowers to his sister Eliana. As we were leaving he called out to her "I love you Ellie, bye Sweetie."

He is such a sweet little boy!


AlisonH said...

Oh, beautiful...! Hug Moose an extra hug for me.

Karin said...

He is absolutely wonderful.