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Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Budding Photographer Visits The Chicks

Moose is visiting this week and he brought his new camera. He took some photos of the afternoon Chicks knitting and for a four year old they look pretty darn good!

Elaine almost never lets ME take her picture! But for Moose she had a great big smile.

And Kathleen was a willing model for Moose's camera skills. Could we have another Richard Avedon on the horizon?

Our clothing was sent out yesterday to Afghans for Afghans
We sent a dozen mittens, 4 baby sweaters and vests, and 4 adult sweaters and vests.

There will be some toasty warm fingers next winter.
Since we just wrapped up our donations to Afghans for Afghans everyone is looking for patterns for our next projects.
And catching up on what's new with Amanda. She has a "baby bump" growing! She is due in early August.

Kathleen took a few minutes to have Moose show her how his camera works.

And then he decided it was time for "Vegie Tales".

Maureen is finally back in the fold after tax season ended. We really missed her! She's looking for her next project and I've just started a baby sweater with a bamboo and alpaca yarn that is so soft I could squish it!

Beth and Karin were discussing the upcoming fiber festivals and current projects.

Beth finished a beautiful shawl to wear to a wedding. She said it was her first try at lace and it was gorgeous.

Amanda is making an entrelac blanket for her new baby.

I think Maureen just needs a rest before she jumps into another project. She finished a pair of bike socks for her husband.

Here he is in full bicycle gear ready for a ride. Paul is an avid biker and was tired of getting numb toes from the cold.

Maureen's socks keep him toasty warm now. And don't they fit great?!

Some of the fun we've been having with Moose this week included a staring contest with Uncle Drew.

Guess who lost.

Today Uncle Drew took us to the movies to see "Rio".
Moose couldn't have been any more excited about seeing a 3-D movie. There's that "baby bump" again.
We all thoroughly enjoyed the movie and the music in it was great. There's nothing like the excitement of a Brazilian Carnival to get the blood pumping!

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