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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Delivery Day

Beth and I delivered 55 items and sets to Antoinette and Jen today for Esme's Comfort which will provide clothing and support to Birthright and Hope House for new mothers and babies in need.
We really enjoyed knitting these cute little baby clothes and...

some pretty shawls and blankets to comfort families in need.

Thank you Chicks for another job well done!
The ladies have already started to fill the inventory for our next project. Barbara made two cute little hats and notice the beautiful shawl she is wearing that she made for herself. She made it using a sock weight yarn and luckily she has turtleneck shirts in almost every color in the shawl. Very versatile!

Kathleen turned out two more Baby Sophisticate cardigans.

And Sheila offered to model a hat that Kathleen made. We had to make sure it was warm.
And it is!
Elaine cranked out some colorful hats using remnants left from other projects. Elaine hates to waste any yarn! Check out the cute teeny-tiny mittens too. Cathy started a baby blanket last night and ...

Beth started a sweater.

I'm working on a ruffled scarf but there isn't anything interesting to show yet. Maybe by next week there will be enough progress to show what it looks like.
The inventory is filling up nicely but if I want to have something to show you next week I better get back to my knitting.

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AlisonH said...

WOW. You guys are incredible! So many stitches, so much love.