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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Celebrating Five Years!

Last night was The Chicks' celebration of five years of knitting together.

The afternoon knitters mingled with the evening knitters. Elaine and Joyce caught up on their granddaughters activities and found out the kids live right around the corner from each other.
And we had the opportunity to welcome two new knitters to the evening group. Cathy O'neill and Beth Mashmann were warmly welcomed and we can't wait for them to attend regularly.
Dinner started with seafood dip and Parmesan-Spinach balls...
And main entrees were a delicious array of salads and roasted sausage and potatoes. Desserts were sweet and plentiful and don't tell anyone but I tried a little of each. LOL!
There was great conversation
in between the compliments on the meal.
The new ladies fit right into the group.
Not everyone was able to attend, but those who did had a good time.
I want to thank all the Chicks for five wonderful years of knitting and fellowship. And did I mention that in those five years we've managed to knit and donate over 1,000 items?! Way to go Ladies! I'm looking forward to the next five years and another 1,000! I love you all and feel blessed to count you among my friends. God bless you Chicks!
P.S. Thanks to my son, Andrew for playing photographer for the evening.

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AlisonH said...

Wonderful! And congratulations on the incredible number and all the love and compassion and generosity it represents.