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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sweater Weather.....Maybe....

Kathleen has been off for the last few weeks but that hasn't meant she wasn't busy knitting. She whipped up another Elizabeth Zimmermann Baby Surprise Jacket and had the perfect buttons to match in her button box.
And she also made her favorite pullover, the Gansey sweater. Some lucky kid is going to be nice and warm this winter.
Barbara finished the baby blanket using Plush yarn which made it so cuddly. On the pillow beside her are the three baby sweaters she made to contribute also.
At the evening session Karin brought the finished prayer shawl for my daughter. It is heavenly soft! This was a joint knitting project made by my knitting friends from my monthly Panera knitting group and the Chicks. Thanks to all the ladies who worked on it. A little birdie told me there is one in the works for me too. I can't wait to use it. By the way, the beautiful yarn was hand dyed by Karin and named in honor of my late granddaughter, Eliana.
Maureen is working on an Elizabeth Zimmermann pattern too called the "Pelerine". It's a shoulder warmer which can be knitted to your desired length. A really good pattern for using up stash yarn and a quick knit.
My Chick friend Karen Ayres bought us a Rose of Sharon shrub in memory of Eliana, so Moose and his parents helped me plant it in my front yard.
Poppop Ron got to help.....
And Mom Amanda assisted Moose when he got tired....
And Dad Phil got to throw some soil in the mix too.
We had to make sure it had a good long drink of water.
And now whenever we see those beautiful flowers we will remember our beautiful Eliana.
I finished the prayer shawl that will be donated to the Birth Center to be included with a memory box. The memory box is given to the parents who lose a child at birth. I pray they won't have to use it but it's filled with prayers for strength and comfort just in case. The yarn is a very soft and plush alpaca, wool, and acrylic blend called Snuggle and it's long enough to hold both parents together.
The wonderful staff at the Birth Center will be receiving these scarves that I made, with the help of Elaine and Maureen. Maureen made the burnt orange one.
And Elaine made the purple one on the far right.
Making gifts for these wonderful people who helped us through the tragedy of losing Eliana was my way of healing through knitting. Taking the time to meditate with every stitch helps to lift the veil of grief and leave love and comfort in it's place.

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AlisonH said...

Lovely. *brushing a tear*

My sister has a picture of her little Nicholas dressed in a smocked gown donated by her local smocking guild. She knew none of them, but they had donated those for preemies and stillborns to the local hospital. Her son, like your Eliana, was stillborn, and that beautiful gown and the love it conveyed helped her so very much.

My thanks to all who did all that knitting. It matters so much.