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Friday, June 19, 2009

The Sheep and Wool Gathering Part Two

Since I was in charge of Moose's leash I wasn't always in a good position for taking pictures. It's a good thing his mom is a photographer. She does a better job anyway.
Moose was anxious to feed the alpaca, but he already had a full tummy.
Moose loved the music! As you can see by the taughtness on the leash, I had to keep a tight grip on him or he would have joined the musicians. He is used to joining in with his mom and dad when they play for their church's contemporary worship band. I don't think these musicians would have had the same attitude. If you look closely you can see the guitarist is trying real hard not to crack up laughing.

I think these pens were being used more for keeping Moose out than keeping sheep in!


AlisonH said...

Little children restore joy in the world. Wonderful!

bmash said...

He is just too cute and clearly brings great joy into the lives of many!