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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

I won't tell you how many years ago this was taken but I can tell you I was about four months old and already you can see the sassy side is showing! LOL!

Here I am with my first crush, Hans, around 1962 when I was still living in Port Chester, NY.

Senior Prom night at Danbury High School, Danbury CT with Mallory Gilbert, who sat behind me in homeroom for four years and never asked me out until the prom. That was the only time we went out together. BTW, my mother made my fantastic dress. I felt like a queen!
And here I am with my one true love, Ron! He makes all my days seem like my birthday!
I'm going to lunch with my son today and dinner with my DH and I'll be celebrating all the way!
Happy Birthday to me!


bmash said...

Happy Birthday! I love the picts!

Karin said...

Only one comment--what is wrong with people! lol.
Happy Birthday Jody. You are and always have been gorgeous. said...

Hi Jody!

Happy the pictures through the years. I liked the one where you were sitting on the wall...gosh I remember that wall. I went to Jr. High right there for 2 years! Brings back memories!