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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Little Llama, A Little Wool, A Little Knitting

Last week "The Moose" came for a visit with his mom and on Saturday we took him to the Sheep and Wool Gathering at Thacher Park. It was a sunny lovely day and we watched weavers and spinners work their magic.

Lunching with the llamas was a first for all of us.
Moose was disappointed that the baby alpaca wouldn't eat from his hand. We found out later that every kid at the festival had already fed him before we got there.
There was some time for swinging in between trying to kiss the animals.
And we watched the llamas while trying not to get too close.
When things got a little too boring, Moose went looking for ants to squish. Just like a boy!
All too soon it was time to say goodbye to our new friends and call it a day.
Yesterday was a beautiful day to knit on the deck.
Karen, The Crochet Queen, is trying her hand at knitting and doing a darn fine job of it! She's working on a K2P2 scarf with a heavenly soft, self-striping yarn.
Elaine is finishing up her poncho for St. Margaret's donation. She's ready to pick up stitches for the collar and she'll be done.
Liz finished her first poncho, a vivid forest green, and has started her second one here.
Kathleen is almost done with the tweed poncho and is already thinking about her next project.

I'm turning the heel on a pair of socks for my friend Karin, who will be a vendor at The Sock Summit ( to be held at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland from August 6 through 9. She asked a bunch of friends to knit socks using her hand dyed yarns so she could display them in her booth at the summit. My socks will be traveling further than I do! LOL!

I hope they enjoy the trip!

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AlisonH said...

Moose is a cutiepie. And I LOVE Karin's sock yarn!