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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

We're baaaack!

I was away last week for a quick end of summer vacation. My husband and I took the grands and our daughter to South Yarmouth on Cape Cod. We had really nice weather when we wanted to be outside. It rained a couple of times either at night or before everyone was ready to start the day so it was perfect timing.
 And we found a couple of great beaches for sea shell hunting and just enjoying being together.
 Today is my husband's 70 birthday so last Friday we got together with my son and his partner and Amanda and the boys to have a joint celebration for our 40th anniversary (which was in July but we couldn't get everyone together then) and Ron's birthday. Our cake had a golf green and a ball of yarn with knitting needles. I'd say it was appropriate for the occasion!
 And now for the knitting portion of our show.... I finished a couple of hats during the week. This one was using up the green yarn long before I had enough length so Plan B was to add another color.
 And this hat is the reason I didn't have enough yarn for the previous hat. I made this one first which left too much yarn to throw away but not quite enough for another whole hat. But it all worked out in the end.
 Barbara finished her Present Cowl with the Berroco Vintage yarn. I wish you could feel the softness of this yarn.
 Cinzia finished this cute little baby hat to match the sweater she has blocking.
 Elaine bound off the last few stitches on her baby blanket and added it to the inventory. Debbie worked on her hat and Barbara on hers.
 Since Cinzia finished the hat she took some time to search through my books for a baby sweater using that pretty pink yarn beside her.
 Sofia finished weaving ends on her baby sweater and just needs some buttons.
 I started a hat on Sunday with leftover russet yarn and had to search the stash for a complimentary color. I improvised a pattern from ideas I remembered from other patterns.
 We had a full house tonight too.
 Beth finished her smocked hat and it looks beautiful. She said it was not at all difficult to do the smocking stitch. She just had to be aware of her tension so the stitches would be uniform.
Carole finished her Barley hat
And is now working on her Girlfriend Cowl which uses a stitch technique to make the fabric look woven.
Beth started a Last Minute Cowl and will be adding a warm berry yarn when she runs out of grey.
Dorah and Margaret compared their hats. Dorah's Zoe hat is on the right. And Margaret had enough yarn to make another Easy Ombre Slouch Hat.
Her first one turned out great!
Maureen's Nottingham hat is coming along nicely too.
Next week we celebrate our 12 year anniversary so be sure to check back for pictures of our dinner. In the meantime, keep those needles clicking!

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