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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

This is the scarf that never ends

Elena surprised us with her blue hair this week! It looked great! Now I want to go out and get a color streak in my hair. Somehow white just doesn't cut it, you know?
That huge Easter Egg sitting in her lap is a ball of acrylic which she is crocheting into large granny squares which will become a blanket. The colors are so cheerful!
 Debbie had to give her hands a rest this week but she joined in the conversation. Liz worked on what started out to be a triangular shawl but when she discovered there wouldn't be enough yarn to make it a decent size she switched to Plan B and it will now be a cowl with a bandana front. All she had to do was knit the shawl until it was wide enough to fit around her neck and then join in the round and continue the increases on the center spine only. It's looking good! Elaine is trying really hard to consume that huge egg of a yarn ball and she still has enough for another blanket.
 Barbara made a lot of progress on her Faux Cable Cowl and has decided that pattern would make a great looking hat as well. So I think that will be her next project.
 Cinzia has mastered the magic loop method and is working on a hat to match the sweater jacket she finished last week. Those colors look so nice together.
Do you remember this song?
If you substitute scarf for the word song you get my sentiments about this scarf.
 I keep knitting and knitting and knitting and feel like I'm no farther than when I started!
 Liz added a collegiate looking cap to the inventory.
 Barbara added a powder pink child's hat and...
 Elena added a bright, cheery, child-sized crocheted scarf.
 Tonight Carole wove the ends in on her Girlfriend Cowl, a free Ravelry pattern. This was the perfect pattern for her variegated yarn. It makes a heavily textured pattern which looks lovely with yarn that tend to pool the colors.
 Maureen started her Nottingham Hat for a child.
 And Margaret completed the Fair Isle portion of her hat and is at the decreasing crown now.
 Dorah is back from a great trip to the Pacific Northwest with her daughters and is well on her way to a pretty pink Zoe hat.
My grandson is visiting this week so that means I've been keeping very busy feeding and entertaining him. Last night we sat on the deck until almost 10PM doing art work, he colored Disney The Descendants characters and I worked on stenciling greeting cards. So as soon as I post this entry it's bedtime for me. Have a great week and keep those needles clicking!

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