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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

FO's and UFO's

We'll start this week's episode with some lovely FO's. Carole blocked her Chinook scarf and it took to the water like a duck. It behaved just as she wanted it to, not requiring blocking wires to hold it's shape and just a pin at each point to define the shape. It looks lovely!
 And she finished a little, bitty, baby hat for the inventory. It's so cute! It's hard to remember when my own babies were small enough to wear a hat like this now that they are in their 30's!
 Carole also added this cozy cowl to the list of finished objects. The thick stitching makes it a good thermal insulator against the cold.
 If this hat looks familiar it's because I made another one exactly like it a few weeks ago. There was enough yarn left over and I couldn't let it go to waste.
 And another quick hat to add was the ribbed watchman's cap, a good old fashioned quick knit!
 Margaret is following a chart for a Fair Isle hat, bless her heart! I hate following charts but she's doing a great job and talking at the same time!!! I could never do that!
 Here is the chart she's following with her finished rows highlighted.
 Beth's cable hat is coming along nicely but she is afraid she will run out of yarn before it's finished. All our "Spidey Senses" were feeling the same thing. Well, if need be she can always knit the very top in a different color.
 I found four skeins of this soft alpaca, merino, donegal blend to make a Noro Striped Scarf. I was trying to make something that is gender neutral since I always lean toward more feminine patterns. I don't think this will pass for a man though now that I see it progressing.
 And Carole started another hat with the same yarn as the one a little further back but she's making this one a little bigger. 
One of the things that make donation knitting so enjoyable is that we don't have to worry about sizes. My favorite saying is, "It will fit somebody!"

Sunday afternoon Barbara's 96 year old mother passed away unexpectedly. She lived independently and Barbara spoke to her that morning. Please keep Grandma Boeck, Barbara,  and her family in your thoughts and prayers.

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