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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Working with a deadline

Debbie knit like the wind today to finish the scarf to go with the set for the Adopt-a-family I mentioned last week. It's the second thing she has completed since she learned how to knit and she did a darn good job!
Here is the completed set for the little boy in the family that will go to the same family as last week's lilac set for the little girl. The hat is a 2X2 rib watchman's cap, the scarf is Mistake Stitch, and the mittens are from Claudia Krisinski. The yarn is Plymouth Encore so it is machine washable and dryable. Great for little kids.
Elaine worked on her Squarshy hat. And no, I did not misspell it. That's what the designer calls it. And be forewarned...she's a bit of a rebel with her description and language. I'm sorry I didn't get a photo of Cinzia's hat too. Time got away from me and I forgot until after she had left. I'll get one next week when I'm sure it will be finished.
Dorah didn't want to show her scarf again since it looks the same as last time only longer. LOL!
Carole's hat is to the point where she'll be decreasing for the crown now.
And Maureen started the kitties on her Fair Isle hat.
She has some intense chart following to read but she loves it.
This is not my work but a photo of what I'll be knitting between now and Christmas Eve. I went to my friend, Karin's studio open house on Saturday and couldn't resist buying a deep, royal, almost garnet/burgundy silk blend yarn. It took my breath away and I immediately pictured the shawl below. So naturally, being the kook that I am, I added undo stress on myself by thinking it would be perfect to wear to a Christmas Eve party!
Sooooo, gotta run! I got some knitting to do!

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