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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

First Nice Day of Deck Season

Spring might actually be on its way since the Chicks knitted on the deck today! We were so excited to see Liz back from her winter sabbatical too! Winters are way too long without her.
 She arrived with a goodie bag filled with items she knitted while performing her snowbird duties.
 First up are the sweet baby hats she knitted. The Christmas tree hats on the right are so cute!
 To that she added scarves, cowls, and hats.
 And now she is working on a baby blanket using our favorite standby pattern from way back when. It's free from Ravelry or Lion Brand yarns.
 Barbara started a hat today and...
 Elaine added a few more inches to her blanket.
 Carole's yarn was talking to her last week. It said, "I don't want to be this hat. Make that other one we like so much." So she frogged back to the ribbing and made this lovely cabled cap.
 Maureen is working on a hat also. This one starts where others usually end. It's called "Start in the Center" appropriately enough.
 I finished my Minty Bricks and blocked it this weekend. Dorah, Carole, and I compared notes because they are making the same scarf but Carole is using a size 3 needle and Dorah is using a size 4 and I made mine with a size 5. When next we meet we'll have to get Beth to compare hers to ours because she is using a size 2. Then we can see the difference a needle size makes.
 I showed you this little cutie last week when it was blocking. I found buttons in my Nana's button box and they match the color exactly so the leaves stand out.
 With the hat it makes such a sweet newborn set.
 I had some Berroco Comfort yarn and it called to me to become a baby blanket so here it is finally finished. It measures about 36" X 30", just right to be a cozy blankie.
Next week I'll show you the scarf I'm making now. It needs to be a little longer so you can see the great pattern being created. In the meantime, keep those needles clicking!

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