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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

There will be warm necks this winter

Liz brought a bagful of goodies this week. She started out looking like a matador as she showed us her pretty pastels triangular shawl/scarf. It was knitted using a machine washable yarn making it a practical garment for much use.
Her other items were the Noro Stripe Scarf to the left which she was knitting for the last month. Also included were two more scarves and three cowls.
 Elaine finished her Mistake Stitch scarf. She used a Berroco yarn which is machine washable and dryable. The color choice was a good generic pick for our yarn bombing project this fall. We are planning on strategically placing items around the Albany Capital District with notes attached for anyone who is cold and in need of warmth and some love to take what they need.
Now she has started a scarf using a tweed, two tone Cascade wool. It isn't machine washable but how often does one need to wash a scarf that is worn over a coat collar?
 The evening ladies admired their finished items too. Carole finished her Palindrome using a Cascade Heather yarn in a denim blue. And Beth used a CRAZY tweed yarn for a Mistake Stitch scarf. It is so colorful that you can't help but smile when you see it.
 Carole also delivered a scarf she made a while back. She took a class to learn this technique and found that she wasn't getting to use the scarf so she wanted to be sure someone would benefit from her lovely knitting.
 Carole also added a pair of felted mittens to our inventory. Have you ever knitted a felted garment? It's a fun project and you won't believe how anything so large can become a normal size just by washing and agitating in hot water.
 This hat Carole started during our break is done in baby alpaca yarn. I wish you could feel this fiber through the computer. Just think soft clouds and you'll get an idea of how beautiful it is.
 By the end of the evening she was finished. Look at those vibrant colors too!
Beth showed us her Cameo shawl she finished for herself.  It was made using fingering/sock weight yarn and has such a beautiful drape to the fabric because of the size 5 needle she used.
 I was so impressed with the pattern, I bought one last night and started a shawl this afternoon using Periwinkle Sheep Watercolors II sock yarn in Murphy's Favorite Pint and Champagne. 
Beth started a pair of mittens for donation and finished the first one to the cuff. But when she got to the hand portion of the pattern she needed a quiet room to concentrate and last night we were just too rowdy for complicated knitting.
 Dorah's Noro Stripe Scarf has grown since we last saw it.
 And Maureen started a new project because the hat she was working on when we last met decided to demand more of her attention than she could offer when we're all together.
 I finished two scarves. The one on the left was a WIP we received in one of our donations of yarn. I had to fiddle with a couple of different size needles to find a gauge that matched what had been started. The yarn is a cotton and rayon blend in a nubby ply which gives it an interesting texture. The scarf on the right is the Mistake Stitch that was started before the break.
 I am almost finished with a keyhole scarf I started last week. The yarn did not have a label but I think it's a Noro yarn, possibly Silk Garden. Every now and then I have to pick out organic matter so the wearer doesn't get splinters but otherwise the yarn is very soft and the colors are gorgeous.
By next week I should have enough knitted on my Cameo to show you my progress. Have a great week and keep your needles clicking!


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